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In deep reverence for the authority of God's Word and in agreement with our affiliation with the Assemblies of God, Caring Place holds the view that women in ministry is not only ok but beneficial to the church's body. We believe that the Word of God requires us to include women as equal partners in ministry with men. Our position is a matter of obedience, not compromise.

Caring Place is now, and has been since its founding, a body fully submitted to the authority of Scripture. The Bible is the foundation of all we believe, signifying that we consider the Word of God the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. Women in ministry leadership are not an exception to this value.


There are differing views, and though we see this issue as open-handed, we have made a stance. In making a stance, however, we want to lead this conversation with grace and understanding. If someone disagrees and can still be a part of the body, worshipping in unity, we will celebrate that. If they can not stand in unity under this, we will celebrate them finding a place where they can be in unity. 


Below are some resources to help inform your conversations as a Leader here at Caring Place and aid you in answering questions as they may arise. 


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