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For 22 years theCARINGplace Christmas Store has given children a special way to experience the meaning of Christmas. 


Every year our CP Reach kids come to the store and get to "shop" and "purchase" items for their parents, family, and well as for themselves.

The items available range from bikes and jewelry to games and sporting goods, as well as household items. The kids use Christmas Store currency provided to them for this very purpose. This helps them to understand the value of generosity and the thrill of giving.


Your donations help to make this a life-changing experience for them and their families. And your serving at the event will help them feel the love of Christ in a powerful.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these amazing families by:

1. Giving to Reach The One Miracle offering on December 4th

2. Joining the Christmas Store Team 

3. Purchasing a gift off of the Christmas Tree

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